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No two lips are the same because  there are different shapes and sizes. Some are blessed with the beautiful, full, round lips while others have the tiny lips. Whichever it is, we all look good in them.

It is said that the body shape and size says a lot about the kind of person you are. It sends a vital message about your personality. A person’s personality is judged by the way he or she sits, talk, acts. As everyone has different behaviors, that’s how each and everyone has different shapes of lips.

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Does this description fit your personality?


If you got lips that are neither thick nor thin, then you got a lip known as Goldilocks.

The Goldilocks lips are usually said to be medium-sized lips, having no definite peak. If you got this lip shape, then you’re definitely good to go. People with this lip shape always have a great personality attached to them. They’re neither greedy nor clingy and these qualities are so appreciated by many. There are described as caring and trust worthy.

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Full lips

Most people do wish to have this unique lip shape. They always look beautiful on anyone and seems to be a center of attraction in a person’s face. People who have this beautiful, full, round lips are said to be so caring and loving. They are always known to put someone’s else happiness above theirs. And nothing is more important to them like family and friends. The spread love anywhere they find themselves and are fun to be with.

Thin lips

This shape of lip which is the thin upper and lower are a cute type but people who got this pair of lips are described as lonely people. Apart from being lonely most times, they are known to be courageous and can cope with their loneliness.
The always love to be on their own and hardly commit with others, they tend to go along so well with people who also go full lips.

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It doesn’t really mean that it always has to be someone with full lips. Nevertheless, they’re very good at relationships, so truthful and loyal.

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