Sweet Agbada for Mature Men 2023

Agbada is a traditional flowing wide-sleeved robe worn primarily by Yoruba men in Nigeria’s southwestern region.

Although Agbada has been around for a long time, its narrative has recently shifted from being a piece worn only by wealthy men to being a go-to outfit for an owanbe or a photoshoot.

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However, as with any great trend, there are some ground rules to follow in order to pull off an Agbada properly.

Consider the following five factors when wearing an agbada:


Never put on sneakers

Sneakers are a no-no when it comes to choosing footwear for an Agbada. There’s a reason it’s called a traditional outfit rather than a semi-traditional or other variation. Wearing Nike or Gucci sneakers with an agbada not only cheapens the look of the clothing piece, but it also screams that you have poor taste in fashion. Instead, wear a loafer or fancy sandals.

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