Do you know that African Ankara styles have greatly evolved to become one of the greatest fashions? in our own century, fashion has made it so real and fascinating by transforming ancient traditional Wear into African print dresses which are now adorned during special traditional occasions only.

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When it comes to fashion or design wear In our modern world, Nigerian have been the base of creativity of Ankara wear with good tailors who designed with emotions since every design has its meaning. African Ankara styles have different occasion attire such as church ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, graduation parties, and different formal events.

The beauty of Most Ankara clothing is hand-dyed, hand-sewn, or hand-woven by professionals. Apart from that, their clothes are also made of colorful and high-quality fabrics. There are countless Nigerian dress styles that Nigerian women enjoy adorning on different occasions. Here are some of the fashion dresses in Nigeria that will leave you amazing.

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Whether in crotchet, knitted, needle or bobbin, lace is a fabric to love. Since time immemorial, this material has been trusted by designers to highlight the beauty of their creations. Secondly, this fabric, like many on this list, is versatile. For instance, when it comes to mixing with Ankara prints, lace can be used in many ways from filling cut-outs to rocking full sleeves.

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