Magnificent Ankara Mix-match Styles You Can Recreate

Creativity is the mother of all inventions they say, who would have thought that we will be Mix Matching Ankara Fabric. Few years ago, Mix matching styles are made because there are not enough material to made a dress, these days it is a popuplar fashion trend.

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Few years back, if anyone was wearing a mix and match Ankara styles, we would have thought the person is running mad or just crazy, fast-forward to 2023, Ankara mix-match is now the main thing in Ankara Aso ebi fashion.

However, it takes a creative fashion designer to think of creating a style that we all love today. Many Ankara fashionistas still don’t know how to mix the right colours of the Ankara fabric which will catch the eyes of many.

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Mixing different Ankara fabric makes sense only when it’s done right.

We have seen many ladies on Instagram who have slayed in this in the mix n match style like this one Ankara Mix match

Ankara mix match
At the same time, we have seen ladies who have completely gone off colour while trying to Mix n Match their Ankara fabric… If you’re struggling to find the perfect colour mixture, we’ve got you covered in this post…We have selected some creative fashionista that have mix their fabric into perfection including some of your favourite Nollywood celebrities who have embraced the trend. You sure to get some inspiration that will catch the eyes of many.

ankara mix match

 ankara mix match

ankara mix-match

Ankara mix-match styles

ankara mix-atch

ankara mix match style

ankara mix-match style



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