Instagram Best Fashion Sense Photo of the Week

This week’s best Instagram points out and celebrates the best pictures in the category of beauty, fashion and creativity. These pictures are not the usual. They gave us a lot of insights and stories into the concept of the image and how they were created. You will find it not only beautiful but inspiring.

Here is our best for this week:

Sitting pretty in blue and staring at what? If you haven’t been inspired lately, here is a chill for you. Femininity, freedom, loyalty, confidence, faith, and intelligence is all that this picture says.

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We are always here for a stylish couple… in black. This picture speaks love, class, elegance, sexiness and attitude.  We couldn’t find a cooler couple picture better than this on IG this week.

Are you wondering how the lady in the image flew in the air too? With so much composure as seen on her face and pose and the photographer capturing her just in time? We are imagining the photographer’s posture and it must have taken a second to capture. The blue sky too, the balloons and the entire background is a wonder in this image. It is simply an art and deserves an award.

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Pretty in pink. Ini Edo looked like a Disney princess in a beautiful dream. This image spoke youthfulness, nurtured femininity, playfulness spoke innocence. Her crew must have worked hard to create this look.

What comes to mind in this picture is a beautiful African goddess. It also reminds us of an African superstition. But on its own, it is so beautiful and creative. Hair, makeup and skin are so on point.

This image showed what beauty with a curvy body means. Nengi is always a belle, no doubt. Have you heard that saying that when in doubt, wear red? You can never go wrong. The picture was taken in front of a mirror so it showed the front and back clearly in one picture. You should try taking a picture like this too.

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How great can a woman look at forty-seven?  This look is purely creative and one for the books. The threads and choice of colours is a very beautiful compliment to her skin. We love love.

Which is your best photo for this week and why? Let us know in the comment.

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