Heineken Mark 150th Anniversary With Dye Lab

As part of its 150th anniversary celebration, Heineken, the globally renowned beer brand known for bringing people together to enjoy good times, is renewing its sponsorship of Lagos Fashion Week in collaboration with Dye Lab.

This collaboration involves a partnership between Heineken and Dye Lab to craft exclusive limited-edition designs.

Working alongside Heineken, Dye Lab has created these designs under the theme “Style for the Chairman“, which is a local nickname for Heineken and also represents how Heineken is often referred to locally.

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This collaboration likely aimed to infuse the brand’s unique characteristics and local cultural references into the designs, celebrating the connection between Heineken and its local audience.

Such collaborations can be an exciting way to bring a fresh perspective to a brand and create unique, eye-catching products for consumers. It’s a win-win for both brands as they explore the intersection of style and beverage culture.

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Heineken Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Dye Lab | Fab.ng

Kola Akintimehin, the Senior Brand Manager at Heineken®, Nigerian Breweries Plc, expressed that,

“Partnering with a creator to design limited-edition designs is our way of celebrating good times – however people choose to enjoy them with Heineken®. As a brand, we are open-minded and embrace all the ways that people enjoy good times and by working with Dye Lab we have given them creative freedom to express their interpretation of good times. The limited-edition design serves as a collectable item that embodies the spirit of the Heineken® brand and offers customers a tangible symbol of the memorable experiences they can have with the brand.”

Heineken® remains committed to its creative journey with Lagos Fashion Week, inviting everyone to celebrate not just the brand itself but also the limitless potential of creativity, unity, and the shared happiness of good times.

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