Fashion Tour: Epere Augustine takes fashion tour to Europe

Epere Augustine takes fashion tour to Europe

As part of efforts to showcase the brand to the world, fashion entrepreneur, Epere Augustine, CEO of BG Wellington brand has concluded plans to take a fashion tour to Europe including Torino, Italy for Turino fashion week, Milan fashion week, France for Paris fashion week and UK for London fashion week beginning from June 27, 2023.

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Speaking, Augustine disclosed that he worked on styling projects and commercials in a bid to connect with different African prints and models across Africa. In countries like Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda as well as Rwanda.

“Moving onward, the fashion guru has put together a Europe tour slated to kick off 27th of July.

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“This year seems to be looking good for the fashion house, as they intend to further expand and organize more tours in the nearest future”, he said.

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