There are so many varieties of wigs to choose from and if you’re completely new to wigs, making a choice could be rather difficult. We believe this wig buyers guide will help you learn more about the different options of wigs available and the interesting processes involved in discovering the best wig for your desired look.

First, you must decide on the colour you’d like. Choosing a colour will make it easier to find the perfect wig. For instance, if you’re interested in buying a burgundy coloured wig, you’ll limit your search to wigs of that exact colour.

However, there’s much more involved after selecting the colour of the wig you want, so take advantage of the details provided here to gain a better understanding of what to look out for such as the cut, cap size, and composition.

Which Type of Hair Wig is Best For You?

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Presently, there are only two types of wigs available for consideration–real human hair wigs and fibre or synthetic hair wigs, each with its own unique pros and cons. Ensure you review the following tips to help you choose the wig option that best suits your style.

Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are almost similar to one’s real hair and may even be mistaken as such. Human hair wigs are extremely durable, being able to last for over a year if you maintain a good wig care routine, they also offer several options with styling and help you achieve the most natural look.

However, these wigs are more expensive than fiber wigs and they also require additional styling after washing because they act very similar to your actual hair.

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Premium and Remy Human Hair

This type of human hair wig offers you the highest quality of any hair and is less prone to tangling because the hair cuticles run in the same direction.

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However, the Premium and Remy Human hair are generally more expensive since they require careful collection and processing techniques to obtain their qualities.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Although these wigs may be formulated to look and feel like human hair, there are several differences that may go unnoticed especially if you’re completely new to wigs. Regardless, you should make sure your choice of synthetic hair wig is made of high-quality materials to give it a more natural look.

With these wigs, you have limited options when it comes to styling because you cannot apply heat to them. Hence, you should not use curling irons, dryers, or any other hairstyling equipment which requires heat to avoid damaging them. However, you can choose from several pre-styled synthetic hairs available. They require less maintenance and are ready to use immediately after purchase.

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Although these wigs are less expensive than real human hair, they are also less durable and may not last for up to a year even with a proper wig care routine.

Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

When it comes to styling, heat-friendly synthetic hair provides diverse options. Although it is advised you avoid applying heat to synthetic hair wigs, this option is an exception and hot hairstyling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, etc can be used on it.

However, a temperature of 350 degrees should not be exceeded while using these tools to avoid damaging the hair. If you choose to purchase this type of hair wig, you’ll have to decide how necessary heat-treatment styling is for you.

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These wigs are also prone to tangling and are the least durable, only being able to last for up to two-three months with a proper wig care regime.

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