Attire for Wedding Guests and is Given [Photos]

African wedding dresses are a wonderful way to give your wedding a special touch. The striking hues and intricate patterns will undoubtedly make your wedding day one to remember.

Traditional wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and designs. There are dresses available that draw inspiration from South, East, or Western African cultures.

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The majority of these traditional wedding gowns are constructed from materials like asooke, george, lace, African prints, and more.

The typical African bride will typically add accessories like a headgear or headtie (Gele, Doek, or Dhuku), beaded jewelry, purses, and shoes. Together, these items complete the bride’s appearance.

The most crucial consideration when picking an African wedding dress is to go with a look that complements your personality.

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The African wedding guest attire is also incredibly vibrant and ornate.

Here are some stunning looks from African fashion designers that you can wear to your wedding or your next event.

Styled by Layo

Style Headquarters

Airla Hills

Concordia Atelier

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