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Asoebi Trend Throwback Styles that is Still been Rock Currently

Style Is an individual choice. Unique to each person, how they present themselves and want to be perceived.

These power trends have been an inspiration to a lot of fashion enthusiasts, making 2024 a stylish year for a lot of wedding guests and socialites. From new trends to impeccable comebacks –

Here are our Top 16 Aso Ebi Trends


1. The Fringe Trend

Guess who is back in the spotlight? Fringe has made a number of comebacks over the past few decades and this time we are happy to say it’s not limited to the western fashion platform alone, this versatile and unique addition is known to give a beautiful finishing to styles and we love it!

2. The Cape Trend

The Cape Trend is known to exude feminine grace, elegance and class, giving the wearer an alluring & powerful look for the day.

3. The Agbada Trend (Women) 

  Legendary Asoebi Styles One Can’t get Enough[photos]

Agbada! A style trend which is popularly believed to be the traditional go-to style for men for decades, constantly worn for years mostly by men and co-opted by women in 2024 making it a versatile and unique trend for both sexes.

4. The Turban Trend

The Turban Trend is a statement-worthy accessory that should be owned by every woman, this comeback trend comes in various designs and hues exuding class and elegance when paired up with a beautiful makeover. It’s also more comfortable than the traditional gele, so that’s a plus!

5. The Cold Shoulder and Off Shoulder Trend

The 80s style made a major comeback in 2024 with the cold shoulder sleeve. Designers gave it a new creative spin making it a key piece for all ages and what more could we possible ask for than some redefined 80’s vibe interpreted through Aso Ebi!

6. The Tunic Trend

The Tunic for men is one style trend that has simplicity and comfort all wrapped in one making it an easy-breezy style for every man.

7. The Ball Gown Trend

  GIMBIYA Nigeria Fashion Brand Sassy BY Yetty

The Ball Gown Trend is known for its aristocratic past and magical allure, it’s so exciting to see how African prints can interpret this beautiful style in various ways with a modern touch!

8. The Mix & Match Trend

The Mix & Match Trend is a super stylish and creative trend for the free spirit. Sometimes people mix the same pattern in different colours, or different patterns for a creative look.

9. The Auto Gele Trend

The Auto Gele Trend is one of the hottest headgear trend of 2016, with a super chic appeal it’s definitely a style trend for an #AsoEbiBella who wants to make a  bold style statement.

10. The Detachable Peplum Trend

The Detachable Peplum Trend is definitely a trend with benefits, similar to other accessories it can be worn in various ways giving the wearer a range of stylish looks to choose from.

11. Infinity Pleats Gele

The Infinity Pleats Gele is one remarkable style trend that will be around for a while. With much effort put into having that peacock inspired look, it’s definitely the number one choice for most brides and #AsoEbiBella.

12. The Family with Matching Outfits Trend

  Aseobi styles on Trend for Ladies

The Matching Outfit Trend is one that exudes unity and with its burst of richness from selected hues and fabrics put together, it’s always a win-win situation!

13. Hula

Hula! Popularly worn by males in northern Nigeria for centuries and being an essential part of every northern man’s wardrobe, the Hula hat made its grand entry into 2016 with its diverse style and uniqueness and we are certain this trend is here to stay!

14. Bell Sleeves

This “old school” trend made a big comeback in 2016 and was rocked by both Bellas and Brides.

15. The Jumpsuit Trend

The Jumpsuit Trend is an effortless route to chic with its simple and minimal look, a great choice for every #AsoEbiBella who wants a comfy and put together look for the day.

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