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These changes have affected what the term mixing prints means in 2023. Typically, you would imagine combining two separate Ankara prints and you would be right, but the scope of this has broadened to include the infusion of other fabrics as well. So, it’s not just mixing prints in terms of different Ankara patterns, but it has become all-encompassing to include various fabrics like velvet, organza, chiffon, linen, cotton, and many others.

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Whether in crotchet, knitted, needle or bobbin, lace is a fabric to love. Since time immemorial, this material has been trusted by designers to highlight the beauty of their creations. Secondly, this fabric, like many on this list, is versatile. For instance, when it comes to mixing with ankara prints, lace can be used in many ways from filling cut-outs, to rocking full sleeves.


A sweet spot between silk and chiffon is organza. Delicate and lush, this fabric is every inch adorable. A note of warning however, is to rock this fabric in cool weather as it tends to absorb heat, and as a result, cause sweat.

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With bandage fabric

The bandage fabric is the material used in bandage dresses. It is a mix of rayon and nylon fabrics. This fabric boasts sturdiness, luster and stretch. However, what makes it more exceptional is that it accentuates your curves, and you don’t need a model’s figure to pull them off. Certainly, it is a dream come true.

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With cotton

Oh, cotton. Arguably the most famous and most versatile fabric, cotton is dear to many designers and creatives on the fashion scene.  Also, what makes them such darlings is that they can be worn in most weathers, and can fit most figures. In addition, when mixing with African print, they go so perfectly, as though they were made for each other. You can pair it with stripes like Chioma, or with florals like Serwaa.


With Adire

Another rich African print is the Adire, no wonder they slay perfectly with Ankara. Bursting a wide array of colors and patterns, Adire can be worn in so many ways. Take a cue from Nigerian designer, Lisa Folawiyo, as she stylishly combines the two fabrics every time.


With chiffon

Chiffon is one of the most delicate fabrics perfect for combining with Ankara. Whether you choose to tone it down like Obi, or play with colors like Rutie, you can explore wide options with chiffon. Consequently, you can play it loud, or toned down depending on your preference.

With velvet

Very few fabrics can be referred to as sexy, but the velvet can. When it comes to elegance and timelessness, this smooth fabric takes it home uncontested. Why not play it into your Ankara style and ump your slay vibe?

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