The traditional Ankara fabric, also known as African print, has now become a popular trend in Ankara styles for men in the fashion world. Also beloved for its audacious colors, exotic patterns, and unique designs.

Ankara prints add a fresh and vibrant twist to men’s fashion, making them look stylish and attractive. Whether you’re attending an event or just looking to add a unique twist to your outfit, Ankara fashion styles are perfect for you. If you are looking for ideas on how to upgrade your fashion style, keep reading this blog. In this post, we will list some of the latest Ankara styles for men in 2023.

1. Ankara Dashiki

The Ankara dashiki shirt is a timeless piece that effortlessly blends African heritage with contemporary style. Its vibrant prints and relaxed fit make it a go-to choice for casual outings. Whether paired with jeans or shorts, this shirt ensures you stay comfortably stylish.

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Ankara styles for men| Effortlessly stylish and rich in African heritage, the Ankara Dashiki shirt is a casual fashion favorite.

2. Ankara Blazer

Ankara blazers are another popular style for men. They come in different colors and designs that can match any outfit. Ankara jackets can be worn with jeans, khaki pants, or even shorts. They are a perfect fit for casual outings, events, or work.

Ankara styles for men| Elevate your style with an Ankara blazer – a confident and sophisticated choice for any occasion.

3. Ankara Pants 

Ankara pants are a bold and fashionable outfitfor men that come in various styles. They can be skinny, straight, or loose. Ankara pants come with bold patterns and bright colors, which can match any top. They are a perfect option for events like weddings, parties, or any casual occasion.

Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Bold and striking, Ankara trousers add a touch of African flair to your everyday look.

4. Ankara Bomber Jacket

The Ankara bomber jacket embodies the modern city style. With its striking patterns and comfy design, it’s a must for anyone who loves fashion and comfort. Whether you’re out in town or at a relaxed gathering, this jacket keeps you stylish.

Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| The Ankara bomber jacket combines urban style with vibrant African prints, perfect for city outings.

5. Ankara Suit

Instead of opting for a regular suit, why not go for an Ankara suit? It is a trendy and stylish type of suit that comes with Ankara fabric jackets and pants. Ankara suits are a perfect fit for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a formal event. Ankara suits come in different colors and styles, so choose one that best matches your style.

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Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Make a lasting impression at special events with a complete Ankara suit, a blend of elegance and individuality.

6. Ankara Shorts

Ankara printed shorts are a hot trend in men’s fashion right now. The shorts come in different lengths, patterns, and styles. You can wear shorts with a tank top or a T-shirt for the summer vibe. You can also wear them with a shirt or blazer to create a more sophisticated look. These shorts boast the same vibrant Ankara prints in a more relaxed, summery form, allowing you to express your fashion creativity while staying comfortable.

Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Stay cool and stylish in Ankara shorts, a vibrant choice for warm weather and casual settings.

7. Ankara Waistcoat

Enhance your formal outfit by adding an Ankara waistcoat. When you wear it with a clean white dress shirt and trousers, it brings a touch of African flair to your classy look. This makes you shine as a wedding guest, or at fancy parties, or any special formal occasion.

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Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Elevate your formal attire with an Ankara waistcoat, adding African charm to your sophisticated look.

8. Ankara Tie 

Add a unique twist to your outfit with an Ankara tie. This accessory is a conversation starter, showcasing your fashion-forward personality and love for African culture. Whether it’s a formal event or a trendy gathering, an Ankara tie makes a bold statement.

Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Add a unique twist to your outfit with an Ankara tie – a bold statement of fashion-forward style.

9. Ankara T-Shirts

Ankara tops are another trendy outfit for men that can be styled in various ways. They come in different styles such as long or short sleeves, button-up, or t-shirt styles. Ankara tops are versatile and can be paired with jeans, khakis, or even a formal suit. They are a perfect fit for casual events, dates, or even work.

Ankara Print Dress Shirt for Men
Ankara styles for men| Pinterest| Elevate your formal style with this Ankara print dress shirt, blending cultural richness with sophistication.

In Closing

Ankara is no longer reserved only for women’s fashion. Men are now incorporating Ankara fabric into their wardrobes with pride and creativity. From traditional agbadas to trendy Ankara shorts and suits, Ankara fashion is an inspiration for men’s style. Adding Ankara to your wardrobe will bring life to your style and add a distinct African element to it.  With the ideas we’ve listed above, we hope you have gathered enough inspiration on how to upgrade your fashion style with the latest Ankara styles for men. So go ahead, experiment with Ankara prints, and make a bold fashion statement!


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