Most men do not know how to match watches with their outfits.  A watch helps in complementing the personality of the wearer.  Some of the watches come classic, sophisticated, versatile, and simple. If you know how to match a watch with your outfit, you have a great fashion sense.

The Formality Of an Event vs. Formality Of a Watch

We have different types of watches that dictate how you wear them. The formality of a watch determines whether it would suit a particular event. The first thing to know is the categories of watches available.

Watch Categories

  • Dress Watches – This type of watch comes with a plain face with no complications. It has a black leather band and commonly shows hours, minutes, seconds, and the date.
  • Diver’s watches – We often called this watch the diving watch. You do not have to wear this watch with a suit. It is mainly for water events or activities.
  • Chrono / Sports Watches – This watch is not a great dress watch, and can be dressy if you buy the higher brands. They are sleek, durable, and come with altimeters, compasses, GPS technology, altimeters, pulse monitors, and other functions.
  • Pilot or flyer watches – This model comes with a simple dial design and a large diameter. It is easy to read these watches. They come with a huge crown that allows you to operate with gloves.
  • Field Watches – Field watches come with simple designs and are versatile timepieces. They are tough and have a simple design for improved legibility of the numerals.
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How to match a watch with your outfit

You can avoid common fashion blunders when you match a watch’s style with the formality of an event. Here is what you should know:

  • Black tie / White Tie –Are you going out for a formal event? You should consider simplicity. You should make use of a simple dress watch with a black leather band and classic style to blend with your outfit.
  • Business dress –If you want to go for a business meeting, you can use o a silver watch with a thin dial or a classic and straightforward styled gold watch with limited or no complications. With a dark conservative suit, you can wear a diver watch with a leather strap or a classic dress watch.
  • Business Casual –With your light-colored suit and no necktie, you can make use of a field, a high-end Chrono, or a pilot watch.
  • Casual – You should know that a watch with a metal band is less formal. If you have a metal band, it is considered for casual wear.  However,  a leather band can be used for any purpose. The different watch categories can work well with a combination of jeans, boots, and a shirt.
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Do Leather Watches Vs. Belt Or Shoes

The color and material of your shoes should match your watchband. This means that you should be careful with what you wear with a watch. You should match your shoes and belt with a watch. The watch must not be the same colour, but should come with a similar tone.

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