A stylish kimono outfit is all in the rage this year and there is no reason not to have it in your closet. This has a unique and simple design that makes it perfect for all occasions and the kind of look you are going for.

2. Long Sleeve Kimono Jacket

Long Sleeve Kimono Jacket
Image: @couturebychyohzy // Instagram

Here is an exciting kimono outfit and this comes with its shorts, although you can rock the kimono with jeans if you want it less dramatic and cute.

3. Kimono Maxi Gown

Kimono Maxi Gown
Image: @berbiedoll // Instagram

If you are the type that loves every outfit to be comfortable, and big but stylish then here is the kimono outfit idea for you.

4. Kiki Butterfly Kimono Jacket

 Butterfly Kimono
Image: @ ebonimode // Instagram

A kimono jacket can be just as stylish as any other ankara gown style. This is a really gorgeous and well-designed kimono jacket, it is suitable for all kinds of traditional occasions.

Long Ankara Jacket Kimono
Image: @ b.o.bclothing // Instagram

This is another kimono style every woman ought to have in their wardrobe. This is suitable for church on Sundays, a simple wedding, or hanging out with friends. There is also room to incorporate some of your own personal designs into it.

6. Stylish Long Kimono Jacket Gown

Stylish Long Kimono Jacket Gown
Image: @el_afrique // Instagram

Kimono dresses and jackets are fast becoming the new fashionable way to rock Ankara fabric. This Ankara dress jacket has been around for quite a while and designers have continued to make it look more fascinating. This kimono style is fitting for weddings or anniversaries.

7. Short Kimono Robe

Short Kimono Robe
Source: Afrikea

Go for the short ones if you are trying to go for sexy. This is a really cute kimono style and perfects to replace your blazer to work on a Friday. This can go with a gown as well.

8. Average Cap Sleeve Gown

Average Cap Sleeve Gown
Image: @yemialade // Instagram

If you are tired of the usual kimono jacket then the dress is just as fancy. This is another exciting kimono dress you can rock for a wedding. You can’t go wrong with a stunning piece like this.

9. Maxi Kimono With Bell Sleeves

Maxi Kimono With Bell Sleeves
Image: @purplebyjfer // Instagram

Maxi kimonos are simply gorgeous and lovely. One of the benefits of maxi kimonos is that they are very comfortable, and you can have them paired with a gown or jeans and a top.

10. Ankara Dress And Kimono Jacket

Ankara Dress And Kimon
Source: Pharma

Try something even more elegant as an Ankara dress and kimono. This is really stylish and tends to stand out on any occasion.

11. Tribal Kimono

Tribal Kimono
Image: @debsclothier // Instagram

This tribal kimono not only looks beautiful but is also very comfortable. Just what you need to add to your Ankara-style wardrobe.

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12. Blazer Ankara Kimono With Pant Trouser

Blazer Ankara Kimono With Pant Trouser
Image: @vazi_brand // Instagram

Keep it simple and exciting with this style.

13. Kimono Ankara Blouse

Kimono Ankara Blouse
Source: Afrikea

If you like Ankara print and blouse but want something that stands out then here is one you should go for.

14. Chic Short Sleeve Kimono Jacket

Chic Short Sleeve
Source: Fashion Style Nigeria

Here is another cool style that will work for Friday at the office.

15. Layer Kimono Jacket With Poet Sleeve

Layer Kimono Jacket With Poet Sleeve
Source: Tuko

Bold and fancy is another way you can rock your kimono. This combination should have you loving kimono if you don’t already.

16. Classy Sleeveless Ankara Kimono

Classy Sleeveless Ankara Kimono
Image: @rutie___b_ // Instagram

The Ankara kimono style allows you to look classy on a budget. There is nothing overly too much about this outfit, but it tends to make any kind of outfit look classy and perfect for any occasion. This is a look you can rock for the office or formal event.

17. Short Ankara Kimono Dress

Short Ankara Kimono Dress
Image: @peryardankarashop_ // Instagram

Every lady needs to have an Ankara kimono dress in her wardrobe. It is exotic and quite comfortable as well. The Ankara kimono dress can also be styled with denim for convenience as most people find it less reserved.

18. Oversized Kimono Jacket

Oversized Kimono Jacket
Image: @mayrushonline_ // Instagram

A kimono jacket is very similar to a kimono dress but in this case, it is more comfortable and reserved. This is usually worn over a pair of pants or jeans trousers.


19. Kimono Jacket With Pockets

Kimono Jacket With Pockets
Image: @dizclothing // Instagram

This is also called a shirt dress, but the open front is definitely what gives it away as a kimono. It is simple and exciting to wear over pants and trousers. They are great for a casual day out or at weddings.

20. Stylish Kimono

Stylish Kimono
Source: Pinterest

This is the fun part of a kimono, keeping it simple and cute. This could only be rocked as a jacket over a long sleeve blouse.

21. Faux Kimono

 Faux Kimono
Image: @mayrushonline // Instagram

A faux kimono is often attached to the dress. This is one of the trendiest ways to wear kimono, you can have it as a faux detached kimono or attached, depending on your preference.

22. Kimono Jacket With Bell Sleeve

Kimono Jacket With Bell Sleeve
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Bell sleeves and kimono seem to be going hand in hand when it comes to Ankara styles. So having it all together in one Ankara style is fascinating.

23. Custom Kimono Jacket

Custom Kimono Jacket
Source: Dube

Keep them staring and asking who is your style inspo with custom kimono.

24. Blazer Kimono

Blazer Kimono
Image: @yeboax // Instagram

Blazer kimono might not be much different from a regular shirt blazer but it allows you to stand out effortlessly.

25. Kimono Shirt

Kimono Shirt
Source: Africana

Kimono shirts will be around for quite a while, and we agree with that.

26. Latest Kimono Style

Latest Kimono Style
Image: @latestkimonostyles // Instagram

Here is the latest kimono style. This must have been loved for its simplicity, or we think the layered sleeve made it stand out. Regardless, it is one kimono style we hope to see more of.

27. Simple Kimono Dress

Simple Kimono Dress
Source: Ankara styles

If simple is the theme then here is the kimono dress you would want to be caught in.

28. Long Kimono With Short Cap Sleeve

Long Short Sleeve Kimono
Source: Drip

Long kimonos are also called cape due to the long flowy style it provides. The sleeveless trend is a new addition to the Ankara kimono, and it’s surely very lovely.

29. Long Kimono Design

Long Kimono Design
Source: Pinterest

So, we are still on the subject of long kimono styles but this time we have it with long sleeves to make it a matching option.

30. Blazer Kimono Jacket

Blazer Kimono Jacket
Source: Tumblr

We all already agree kimono blazer jackets are off to setting trends.

31. Round Neck Kimono

Round Neck Kimono
Source: Pinterest

This is another way to rock long kimono. Long sleeve or short sleeve, all you need to keep in mind with this kimono style is the straight shirt-like design.

32. Simple Cap Sleeve Kimono

Round Neck Kimono
Image: __nuel_ann // Instagram

This is a kimono style with the average cap sleeve if you can’t pick between a long sleeve and a short sleeve.

33. Suit Kimono Design

Suit Kimono Design
Source: Kimonostyles

We say yes to trying this kimono style, and we are guessing you are doing the same as well. It is simply beautiful, and it’s a kimono style we have no doubt will be in trend for a very long time.

34. Kimon Style With Belt

Kimon Style With Belt
Image: @stylebywillie // Instagram

If you like it flowy but want to keep it out of the way? Put a robe belt on it and you are good to go.

35. Ankara Kimono Cape Jacket

 Ankara Kimono Cape Jacket
Source: Fashion

Kimono Ankara fashion archive is so big, there is just no way you won’t find a style for yourself. This kimono style is often popular in cold weather. It is perfect for layering up your outfits and keeping yourself warm while you have fun outdoors.

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