20+ Powerful Ankara Styles For Women In 2023

Ankara styles for women are so much in demand these days such that we wander if any fabric can rival it.

For first timers here, Ankara is a textile used mostly by Africans that is designed with a richness of color.

Ankara has different types of fabric wax, we have the Dutch wax and the African wax.

Ankara styles for women

Ankara has been around for centuries and its always evolving as the trends are changing.

Today’s post is going to cover the most trending Ankara styles for women of all shapes and sizes.

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Ankara Styles For Women all In Shapes And Sizes

Ankara fabrics are soft and friendly on skin, and also its color prints does have longevity and durability. Gone are the days of Ankara solely sewn into local styles. Now, designers are creating different styles and that speaks volumes of its evolution.

Ankara styles for women

Ankara styles gown has brought its own uniqueness to the fashion world, and it has turned phenomenal and iconic in the fashion world. It has now become a must have fabric for everyone alike.

Ankara prints have now created a niche for itself in the fashion industry. Designers are now creating iconic and elegant Ankara styles for women that can feature on the red carpet event.  Notable celebrities in Africa and also in Europe and America are not leftout in rocking the Ankara fabric.

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Also, Ankara styles are being created in an eye-catching, gorgeous and exciting way. Some of the Ankara styles for ladies are created for both formal and informal events. These styles for women are also made in pair with Ankara styles for men.

Ankara fringe top
Berla Mundi in classic Ankara and scuba design dress

Ankara print styles for ladies has been created into different sections and given different names

For example, maxi gowns are known popularly to give the rich aunty vibe

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Peplum blouse top, gown with peplum, gown with A-line. You name it.

All these Ankara design styles mentioned above are created to make spectacular designs.

Ankara asoebi style for women
Ankara style for plus size

It is a good thing that the advancement in technology has been a great help for designers to make Ankara stand out in their creation of exquisite designs and collections.

This has been a great contribution to the fashion world and also made the evolution of Ankara set of iconic designs for women possible.

Ankara styles

What are your thoughts? Are today’s African fashion designers bringing in the fashion edge? Let us know in the comments section.

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